Why Swim In Cold Water?

In Cold Water

When the water temperature is below 98.6, your body loses heat. The colder the water temperature, the more rapidly this heat loss occurs. People have different temperature comfort tolerances.  
People have different temperature comfort tolerances. One person may be perfectly acheter cialis comfortable in 85◦ water for an hour, while another person becomes chilled. Becoming chilled isn’t pleasurable. Isn’t a chilled body trying to tell you something? Most of us are careful to dress for comfort in our daily lives. Dressing for comfort is important in water activities too! 

Water activities such as water aerobics (water exercise), aquatic therapy, competitive swimming, and kids’ swim lessons often share one pool and one water temperature. Because no single water or air temperature will please everyone, pool managers and aquatic professionals must select a compromise water temperature. (Consider that the temperature you set in your home and the temperatures set in offices and stores are also a compromise. We all have an assortment of jackets and sweaters we add and remove for comfort in our regular lives.) Participants who become chilled need to adjust their comfort! D.K.  Douglas thermal water wear is specialized clothing designed to help you adjust your comfort in the water.

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