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Aquatic wear for water activities

D.K. Douglas water wear is constructed of materials chosen for their thermal properties cialis pas cher and pool durability. Our unique formulas of neoprene (4mm wet suit material) and dense Lycra slow loss of body heat allowing you to enjoy the water longer without becoming chilled.

There are a number of considerations when choosing what to wear in the water during water activities such as water aerobics, aquatic therapy or swimming. Other than competitive swim suits, it could be argued that most bathing suits are chosen more for out of water appearances than for a specific function in the water. D.K. Douglas water wear is designed with both function and style in mind making it ideal for many kinds of water sports, including water aerobics, aquatic therapy, kayaking, sailing, diving, waterskiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, surfing and more. Our water clothing, originally designed for children, has expanded to include sizes and styles for men and women including plus sizes. In addition, our products work for all ages – infants to seniors.

Layer D.K. Douglas Water Wear for Precise Comfort Control

We dress in layers in our ordinary clothing. D.K. Douglas water wear consists of various upper and lower body wear products made of neoprene or Lycra that can be layered to keep warm in the water. Where one person might find one of our rash guard Water Shirts provides enough warmth, another person may need to combine additional components. For example, our neoprene Wet Wrap vest and our full length Lycra Tights can be combined to achieve a light, wet suit, comfort level. Unlike bulky, all or nothing, one-piece wet suits, D.K. Douglas thermal water wear is easy to put on and take off and won’t restrict your freedom of movement. You can choose your own combinations of what to wear in great colors from kids to plus sizes. And as an added benefit, all these products provide sun protection.

Our thermal aquatic gear includes: 

Wet Wrap® – Neoprene vests
WaterShirts™ – Lycra long-sleeved shirts
WetPants™ – Neoprene knee shorts
WaterGloves™ – Open fingered and Mittens
WetCap® – Lycra swim cap
WetFeet – Lycra socks and neoprene Booties 

Land Gear Includes:

Tennis Mitts, Vests and Freeze Guards for Land activities 

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