Story of DK Vaulting Vests

The Development the DK Vaulting VestGORDON CHEUNG DK ACTION

        When we learned that “disc doggers” were using our aquatic vests for their sport, we decided to make some design changes that would result in a vest better for their sport. We added additional layers of neoprene for padding, increased the length in the front and lower back, and added flex-points for better movement at the sides of the waist. These changes were welcomed and worked well especially
for those seeking more protection than that provided by basic aquatic vests.

But for those preferred to wear their vests on the outside rather than under clothing, durability was an issue. We learned what every disc dogger knows or soon learns: dog claws are tough and ordinary, aquatic neoprene materials are no match for long to the wear and tear of dog claws. We also learned that not just any strong material will provide safe footing for the dog and comfort for the wearer.

We evaluated many materials. Many. Someone even suggested sewing door mats to the back!  We tried an extremely strong military canvas. It would last, but was too slippery. We tried using a  neoprene covered with a stronger knitted fabric. It was stronger than regular neoprene, but not  strong enough. We learned that disk doggers have been frustrated for years having to replace vests  fairly often.

In any case, we weren’t happy that our DK Vaulting Vest, which takes considerable time, material, effort and skill to produce and was otherwise appreciated, wasn’t more durable. We couldn’t seem to locate the right kind material to solve the problem.  I considered “re-considering” but, I don’t like  to give up on problems. Finally, we located a company that could provide us with a material that is right  for the job. We call the material “MM” (military grade mesh) which we now prepare as the outside surface of our DK  Vaulting Vests. It is super-strong yet flexible enough to make a comfortable vest for the wearer. And most important, MM let’s the dogs safely dig in without tearing or slipping.

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