Wet Wrap Zip- Submit Your Measurements

If one or more of your items will require custom measurements please use the form below to submit your name & sizes.

Women should not use bra size. Measure around the chest at the fullest part in a bathing suit
Men should measure around where belt is worn. Women should measure most narrow part of torso above hips.
Measure around fullest part of hips and buttocks.
Vertical distance from where the throat meets the collarbone to the waist (This is a straight line distance as a yard stick would make which does not follow the curve of the bosom/chest).
Required for men and women for WetPants, Tights and Shorts
In order for us to ensure proper sizing please enter the name used with your order.
If reordering an existing vest - please enter the code found on the inside of your current WetWrap Zip

If you are having trouble viewing or submitting this measurement form please contact us.

Email: dkd@dkdouglas.com

Phone: 800-334-9070 (US)
1(413)-567-8572 (Intl)