WetPants™ – Child
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WetPants™ – Child

Neoprene Wet Pants™ combine with Wet Wrap® vest and WaterShirt™ to add lower body protection


-Above the knee length allows full range of motion

-Reinforced crotch seams

-Creates alternative to one-piece “shorty” wet suit

-Middle body buoyancy for “sinking legs” swimmers

-Durable neoprene lasts for years even in pools

-Available in men, women, and children sizes

-Color: Black is standard. Special order other colors

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Body Measurements

Size XS S M ML L
Waist 17-19” 19-21” 21-23” 23-25” 25-27”
Hips 18-22” 23-25” 26-28” 27-29” 28-31”
Mid-thigh 10-11” 12-13” 14-15” 15-17” 16-18”
Price: $50.00