The Wet Cap is a fun alternative to ordinary swim cap styles and can do a number of things for you while in the water. Unlike traditional caps made from rubber or silicone, the Wet Cap is made from soft, pliable Lycra blended with nylon. This ultra durable material is not only soft on the head, but is also a stretchy, strong fabric that’s comfortable to wear. In fact, the blend makes the fabric resistant to wrinkles for an always great look. The DK Douglas cap does a great job at retaining body heat while in chilly water. It can also keep both short and long hair under control during aquatic activities. Plus, the blended fabric design is able to help shield the head and delicate scalp skin from excessive sunlight to avoid UV exposure and potential sunburns.


-Our Lycra Wet Cap™ contains heat, controls your hair and even prevents sunburn.

– Ideal for recreational swimming, snorkeling, aquatic aerobics, water-skiing, or any outdoor water-based activity.

-A fun alternative to ordinary swim and bathing cap styles.

-50 SPF

-Available in various colors and Limited Edition prints (see below)

Lycra colors 2014






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 Size S M L XL
 Head 19”-21” 21”-23” 22”-24” 23”-25”


How to choose the best size WetCap for you?
Measure around fullest part of head (in inches) and use the size chart above to determine what size will work best for you.

Price: $19.00