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Water exercise gloves have become standard equipment in water exercise programs around the world. Webbed fingers increase aq1hand area creating greater resistance as you push and pull your hands through the water in a variety of creative movements. Gloves allow you to gradually increase the force you apply as your strength increases. Swimmers enjoy the natural feel of gloves compared to uncomfortable plastic hand paddles, without compromising proper technique. The WaterGlove’s™ unique, “palm conforming design” molds to the natural contours of the hand eliminating the “bubble” that forms in the palm of other gloves. Instructors who have tried many other gloves tell us the WaterGlove™ is the most comfortable and durable of the gloves they have tried.


Neoprene both sides without problem Velcro, zippers or snaps

-Exceptional durability

-Open-end fingers

-Alternating back and palm colors visually help instructors assure proper technique

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Measure around 4 knuckles (in inches)

Size S M L XL
Knuckles 5-6” 6-7” 8-9” 9-10”
Price: $29.00