Original Wet Wrap® Child
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Original Wet Wrap® Child

Designed to take away the unpleasant chill many of us experience even in relatively mild conditions.  Because this vest is adjustable, it is more versatile. Where an ordinary wet suit vest will fit only one individual, a single Wet Wrap can fit people of different or changing sizes (e.g. child growing up or adult losing weight). It’s ideal for facilities that need to accommodate a wide variety of client and staff sizes with a budget for a limited number of vests. This product’s flexibility is unique in the industry.


-Unique Velcro overlap closure easily adjusts to the necessary, close fit which contains body heat

Sleeveless to allow full range of motion needed for many aquatic activities

-Alternative to bulky wet suits

-Durable neoprene lasts even in pools

-Available in men, women, and children sizes

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