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Our necks are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The NeckWrap is a neoprene “scarf” that can be worn in the water. It wraps with Velcro so can fit in whatever way you want. It’s not for everyone but for those neck-sensitive people, it helps to make their water experience positive.


-Combines with Wet Wrap™ vests and WaterShirts™

-Soft neoprene with over-lapping Velcro closure

-Durable neoprene lasts for years even in pools

-Available in men, women, and children sizes

-Colors- Black is standard. Alternative colors are available

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Sizing Information

Measure around fullest part of neck

Size S M L XL
Neck Size 14-15” 15-16” 16-17” 17-18”
Price: $15.00