DK Vaulting Shorts
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DK Vaulting Shorts

The DK Vaulting Shorts are the newest addition to our disc dog gear. After some feedback and requests, we found that a pair of shorts would be the best solution for those looking for thigh and hip protection during vaults. The DK Vaulting Shorts are constructed with neoprene on the front for padding and durable Lycra on the back for comfort and elasticity. It is optional to have the neoprene front covered with “MM” for added resistance and durability like on our DK Vaulting Vests. They are designed to wear alone or under jeans, cargo shorts, gym shorts etc.

This product is custom made per order-
Please submit your measurements

DK Vaulting shorts 2r


DK Vaulting Shorts Measurement Form

DK Vaulting Shorts Measurement Form

MEN - Measure around where your belt is worn WOMEN - Measure around the narrowest part of torso above the hips
Measure around fullest part of hip/top of buttocks
Measure around mid-thigh
Measure a straight-line distance from the groin to the knee


Price: $50.00