Bondi’s Island T-shirts

St Lucia bay

Ahh…Bondi’s Island!

It’s name invites visions of a beautiful, tropical paradise.

Fragrant, warm, summer breezes tantalize your senses as refreshing pools of sparkling water beckon the adventurous.

Dive for sunken treasures. Stop in and borrow a beer at the Bondi’s Island Brewery. Take a chance at the Royal Flush Casino. No deposit is too big or too small at the Bondi’s Island Savings Bank.

They say “It’s the thought that counts.” Nothing could be more true when it comes to the ironic fun of the Bondi’s Island Brand™ t-shirt collection. Local friends and neighbors will smile while others will enviously imagine exotic island pleasures. They make great gifts for gatherings,
picnics, office parties, reunions, or wear one just because it’s a good looking shirt.

Choose from our expanding line of quality t-shirts:

  1. Royal Flush Casino
  2. Bondi Island Savings Bank
  3. Bondi Island Bottled Water
  4. Bondi Island Swim Team Coach
  5. Bondi Island Water Ski Team
  6. Dive Bondi Island
  7. Bondi Island Brewery
  8. Bondi Island Investments
  9. Bondi Island Country Club
  10. Bondi Island 500
  11. Bondi Island Custom Cycles
  12. Bondi Island Hockey
  13. Bondi Island Farmers Market
  14. Bondi Island Hydroponics
  15. Bondi Island Tattoo
  16. Bondi Island Pro Fishing
  17. Bondi Island Choppers
  18. Bondi Island Baseball

More shirts coming. Suggestions and comments welcome.
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Bondi custom cycles

Bondis island ChoppersBONDI 5002



Price: $18.00