100% Wool Vest
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100% Wool Vest

How did it start?

Living in Massachusetts in the heart of New England is all about weather. Summers can get warm, but layering jackets and sweaters is a year-round practice. Fleece vests are okay, but an outdoor hiker friend told me how incredible a wool vest that he’d worn on an Appalachian Trail hike had been.

He noted that it was warm, but would wick away moisture. It repelled water in light drizzle and was still warm when it got quite wet. And it didn’t get as smelly as the rest of him. When it got really dirty, it cleaned up great. I was sold, but where to find one?

Finding the answer….

The long and short of it – I could not find the vest I had in mind on the internet. It didn’t make sense to me that a vest should have wool on the outside and be lined with synthetic material or insulation. Collars are okay, but sometimes you don’t want one. I’d rather wear a scarf when I need it. I was looking for 100% wool, and classic looking wool at that.

You know where this is going … Since 1981 D.K. Douglas Company has been making thermal aquatic wear to keep individuals warmer in the water. Using high-tech, man-made materials such as neoprene and dense Lycra uniquely suited for the water, our gear helps individuals get more enjoyment and benefit from their various aquatic activities ranging from swimming to aquatic exercise.

I concluded I needed to make the wool vest I really wanted.

The features I wanted:

-100% wool inside and out, even the insulation layer no one sees

-The inner layer needs to be soft, not scratchy

-The outside layer would be a classic reminiscent of the old English hunting jacket

-Outside pockets and inside pockets

-The fabrics: premium wools of character specifically chosen out of hundreds

-Front zipper closure

-Leather neck hang-loop and leather zipper pulls

-Unique detailing that gives it an classice look, including an individual registration inside label

The Wool Vest is now available!

After countless hours choosing wools, making patterns, and more than thirty separate steps and five plus hours per vest, several not-so-good vests resulted. But the learning curve straightened out and the vest I was looking for was born.

It turns out that I’m not the only one that appreciates the look and versatility of wool as friends and their friends are ordering.

In summary, Wool is the original “high tech” fiber – still unmatched in its ability to:

-Insulate from the cold

-Repel water as it also wicks away excess heat and moisture

-Resist odor retention

-Provide years of durable comfort





Sizing Information

Measure across largest part of chest
Unisex Adult Size

Size S=34”-38” M=38”-42” L=42”-46” XL=46”-48”
Price: $175.00