Cold student/patient dilemma

What Can You Do?

Cold students are part of every Aquatic Professional’s life. It can be frustrating to hear complaints and see program attendance suffer when you have little control of the water and air temperatures. If the water was only a few degrees warmer! But then the lap swimmers would complain. It’s a necessary fact of life in a multi-purpose pool that some will always have be too cold….

Or is it?

When it isn’t possible to adjust water and air temperatures to accommodate every student, thermal aquatic wear can help students individually adjust to the conditions at hand.


AQUATIC buy viagra without a doctor prescription PROFESSIONAL: ” Okay, you’re getting a little cold aren’t you? This is apparently a temperature range where you happen to need to make a personal adjustment.

“The temperature where we get cold varies by individual. For some people it might be 60° while others might get cold at 90°. Whatever the temperature, ifyou’re the one getting cold, it’s not a pleasant feeling but, there are some options available I can recommend for you.

“What we need to do is slow your loss of body heat by wearing thermal aquatic wear. Without it, your skin gives away heat directly to the water and air. Thermal aquatic wear is designed to get in the way of this heat loss. Wet Wrap vests workby fitting very close to your skin. A small amount of water gets between your skin and the neoprene rubber. Your body can easily heat this thin layer of water. Because neoprene is such a good insulator, it keeps that thin layer of water warm and doesn’t let the cooler surrounding water in. Right now, you body is just losing too much heat out to the water. Once your torso isn’t losing heat, you should feel warmer and enjoy the water a lot more. If you are still too cool, you can add other components such as shirts and pants. You have sweaters and jackets so you don’t get cold in the rest of your life. Thermal aquatic wear is clothing designed for the water….”

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