Why Swim In Cold Water?

When the water temperature is below 98.6, your body loses heat. The colder the water temperature, the more rapidly this heat loss occurs. People have different temperature comfort tolerances.  Dress for Comfort

Water activities such as water aerobics (water exercise), aquatic therapy, competitive swimming, and kids’ swim lessons often share one pool and one water temperature. Get Comfortable

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Stay Warm

Learn more about our thermal aquatic gear: 

Wet Wrap® – Neoprene vests
WaterShirts™ – Lycra long-sleeved shirts
WetPants™ – Neoprene knee shorts
WaterGloves™ – Open fingered and Mittens
WetCap® – Lycra swim cap
WetFeet – Lycra socks and neoprene Booties 
AND Tennis Mitts, Vests and Freeze Guards for Land activities 

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Test knowledge of thermal aquatic wear

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Try taking our Wet Suit Test to check your knowledge of wet suits. No Grades. Just for fun.

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Cold student/patient dilemma

What Can You Do?

Cold students are part of every Aquatic Professional’s life. It can be frustrating to hear complaints and see program attendance suffer when you have little control of the water and air temperatures. If the water was only a few degrees warmer! But then the lap swimmers would …

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Psychology of wet suits in water exercise

The important differences in the need to stay warm in structured aquatic programs versus the need to stay warm in casual water recreation (e.g. going to the beach) enable you to understand the natural and important role that thermal aquatic wear plays.

Imagine going out on a cool day intentionally choosing …

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Instructor Program

D.K.Douglas Company has a program for Aquatic Professionals.

If you are http://cialisfrance24.com/ able to document a current professional status as:

AEA Instructor
YMCA Aquatics Instructor
Aquatic Therapist
Swim Instructor
Aquatics Director
Other Aquatics Professional

Please contact us by email or phone and we will forward
details to you.

Send us an Email or Call us: 800-334-9070

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DK Vaulting Vest Measurements


Please use the following guide to take all measurements of the person ordering a DK Vaulting Vest. cialis We will select the actual size you need.

Provide a different set of measurements for each person ordering a DK Vaulting Vest. The illustration below shows you how to take the measurements. Record …

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