The Original Wet Wrap Story

Blue lips and shivering children are a common sight around most
pools, lakes, rivers or oceans.

In 1981 when my son was six months old, I took him to swim lessons at a local water-baby program. Even though the water was around 85°, he and the other children, as well as some of the parents, were becoming chilled. As a former U.S. Navy diver familiar with wet suits, I felt a small wet suit vest would be just the thing to keep him warm so he could enjoy the water longer.

Getting and using a little vest seemed simple enough, but it certainly didn’t turn out that way. The vest had to fit my son perfectly in order to work effectively. But how could I get a tight-fitting vest over his head without hurting him? We later found many adults aren’t able to struggle with traditional vests either. We tried a zippered vest, but he outgrew it almost immediately. Overcoming these problems led to the development of what is now known as the Wet Wrap®.

Why is a close fit so important?

Fit is a key factor for any wet suit. For a wet suit to work properly, it needs to fit skin-tight like a leotard. This allows only a small amount of water to seep in between the wet suit and the wearer’s skin. A relatively small amount of body heat is needed to warm this thin layer of water. Neoprene rubber (wet suit material) is such a good insulator it keeps the heat from getting out and repels the surrounding cooler water. And once the water has seeped in, it’s full. More water doesn’t enter unless the vest is adjusted to loosely.

So this explains the Wet Wrap’s unique design?

Yes. The Wet Wrap’s wrap-around design was an ideal solution. It could be adjusted to fit perfectly, avoided the struggle of going on over the head, and allowed room for growth.

What about adult sizes?

We didn’t make adult sizes at first, but instructors and parents who saw how the Wet Wrap helped their children wanted  to stay warm too. Now we make Wet Wraps for men, women, and children.

What about the Wet Pants™ and WaterShirts™?

The Wet Pants and WaterShirts were designed as separate components to wear separately or with the Wet Wraps. We think layering makes just as much sense in aquatics as it does with regular clothing.

Who can benefit from wearing this kind of gear?

The Wet Wraps, WaterShirts, and other gear are excellent for almost any aquatic activity in the 65° plus range. However, our emphasis has been on the needs of those who get chilled in even the relatively warm, 80° conditions of water exercise, aquatic therapy, and swim lessons.

Our gear is designed to be durable and allow full range of movement for arms, legs, and shoulders. And unlike all or nothing one-piece designs, our gear provides the flexibility to add and remove components as needed.