Frequently Asked Questions about our aquatic wear

Which is warmer, the Wet Wrap® or WaterShirt™? top

– The Wet Wrap is warmer because it is made of neoprene wet suit material. The WaterShirt is made of heavy weight Lycra
– Neoprene is a much better insulating material than Lycra even though our Lycra is heavier than eg. bathing suit Lycra
– The WaterShirt was designed to be combined with the Wet Wrap, but is effective worn separately.
– If owning both isn’t an option, we recommend starting with a Wet Wrap and adding the WaterShirt at a later time if more warmth is needed.

Why don’t our Wet Wrap’s® have sleeves? top

– Traditional wet suits have sleeves that restrict freedom of movement desired by most water exercisers, swimmers and other active water sports.
– Wearing our WaterShirt under our Wet Wraps provides additional warmth while allowing full range of movement.
The option to wear each separately or together as needed provides precise comfort control.

Which is warmer/better: the Original Wet Wrap® or the Wet Wrap ZIP? top

Each is effective. It is often a matter of personal preference whether to Wrap or ZIP. Here are some of the considerations:

– The Original Wet Wrap® is adjustable giving precise control of fit. People of different sizes can share the same Original Wet Wrap® and the Original Wet Wrap® can adjust with one who is personally changing in size. Often the best choice for growing children, individuals loosing significant weight, and programs seeking to have gear on hand that can flexibly fit a variety of individual sizes.
– The Wet Wrap® ZIP is custom made for each individual and is pre- adjusted to a proper, close fit. Smooth, sleek and easy. Just zip it up. The choice of swimmers, aquatic professionals, and aquatic enthusiasts who want their own and want the best.

How does our equipment hold up in pool chemicals? top

– Our neoprene formula is proven to be exceptionally durable even in the most demanding pool environments.
– Our neoprene Wet Wraps® last for years of daily use where other neoprene wet suits have faded and fallen apart.
– We chose the Lycra used in our WaterShirts™ after testing many materials for durability in harsh chemical solutions far more severe than encountered in swimming pools. The most durable materials were chosen for pool testing. Our current material dramatically outperformed all other materials we tested.
– Our neoprene is more durable than our Lycra. The actual useful life of our products will vary according to such factors as the amount of use, care, and the particular pool chemistry.

Can you wear other aquatic gear such as floatation belts with our gear? top

Yes. Our Wet Wraps and WaterShirts work well with other aquatic equipment such as life jackets, floatation belts, scuba gear, and other wet suits.

What is the difference between our gear and traditional wet suit gear found in many sporting goods stores, dive and surf shops? top

– Typically, traditional gear is not designed to be used in swimming pools. Even gear of excellent quality will tend to fade and breakdown quickly in that environment where ours has proven durable.
– Most gear is one piece, “shorty” style or full gear with attached sleeves which can be difficult to put on and take off and can be restrictive.
– Our separate components are easy to use and allow unrestricted movement. One can choose what to wear, to add and remove, as conditions dictate. Various components can be added or replaced separately.

Does the Wet Wrap® and other gear really keep you warm in the water? top

Yes! Divers and surfers have been wearing related gear for many years allowing them to enjoy their sports.