Customer Testimonials- Aquatic

Original WetWrap

From the WetWrap Advisor: Because this vest is adjustable, it is more versatile. Where an ordinary wet suit vest will fit only one individual (remember, wet suit products have to fit right in order to work right.), a single WetWrap can fit people of different or changing sizes (e.g. child growing up or adult losing weight). It’s ideal for facilities that need to accommodate a wide variety of client and staff sizes with a budget for a limited number of vests. This product’s flexibility is unique in the industry.

From Customers:

  • “We have an outside pool and a year around program for seniors … we were able to keep many more in the program last winter because of the WetWrap. It made a big difference.”
    Angel Chester, Ormond Beach, Florida
  • “I teach in multi-purpose pools and get cold after a few classes… the WetWrap and WaterShirt are my security blanket helping me get through without freezing.”
    Ann McGrath, Aquatic Professional
  • “I used the combination [WetWrap and WaterShirt] last night with my swim and I’m so very glad you suggested the combination. It made such a difference. The combination was very comfortable and I was able to have a long workout in 86 degree water and remain at a constant comfortable temperature. … I really am happy with the whole of it. Last night I crossed that barrier beyond which I know I can finally be empowered with extended success through longer and continued water workouts through the use of proper gear! Thank you so much for the development of such fine products.”
    Pam Welchly
  • “I purchased a wet wrap vest for my 3 year old last year and have been very happy with it! She can now last through her swimming lessons without getting too cold. Thanks for a wonderful product!!!”
    Denyse Ignacio
  • “I have owned one of your original wet wraps for 4 years. It is one of the best investments I ever made. It still looks great, and a warm instructor is a happy instructor.”
    Rebecca Cole Sweeney

WetWrap ZIP

From the WetWrap Advisor: If the vest is just for you, there is nothing like a custom made vest, which is assured to fit your exact body shape. Remember, wet suit products have to fit right in order to work right. Customers are sometimes surprised that we are so attentive to the details of body measurements when taking an order for the WetWrap ZIP. We have been known to call back customers to be absolutely sure they have taken a required measurement correctly.

From Customers:

  • “I am verrry pleased with my zip WetWrap. I have to admit I was a bit concerned and at first felt like a sausage when I zipped it closed. Then I reread the paper that said it would/should be snug and was more confident about the fit. I used the vest all last week at my back-hab class and was surprised at how comfortable, i.e. warm but not hot, I felt. So I’m glad to say it is worth the investment. And the color (violet) is quite lovely.”
    from Mary Olson
  • The wet wrap and the zip watershirt – they have been a godsend to me. Six years ago I began to take a deep water aerobics class – 5 days a week – in a pool that is outdoors in Washington state. For the first 4 years I felt sooo… cold but since I started wearing my shirt & vest I stay toasty warm!!!! Thank you, thank you!!


From the WetWrap Advisor: The WaterShirt and our other Lycra products are relatively new to our product line. Our neoprene vests do not have attached sleeves because they would be too restrictive for movement. Wearing the WaterShirt under a WetWrap protects the arms and shoulders without restricting the full range of motion needed in active water sports. The WaterShirt as a separate component from the vest can be worn with the vest or alone. We think layering makes as much sense in water as it does on land. The WaterShirt appeals to people who like the T-neck design and who often just need a minimal warmth enhancer. It is meant to fit snuggly in order to provide that warmth.

From Customers:

  • “I go through swim suits in a month or two. Your WaterShirt has lasted over a year… Some of our people are in classes three times a week and their shirts still look great.”
    Cindy Schuler, Montclair Swim Club
  • “I have tried my WaterShirt out at my aquatic stretching class and it does make a difference – I am not longer on the verge of shivering while doing the class – not a great thing when you tense up during a stretch class. Thank you also for your excellent customer service.”
    Bonnie MacKenzie


From the WetWrap Advisor: The WrapShirt was designed for people who don’t like to pull clothing on over their heads. Individuals with shoulder injury or neck problems may favor the flattering “cross your heart” style of the WrapShirt.

From Customers:

  • “My students are now warm and happy. In Georgia you’d think they would be warm all the time…”
    Anne Reardon, Aquatic Professional

ZIP WaterShirt

From the WetWrap Advisor: When customers asked us to make a WaterShirt with a front zipper, we wanted to create a shirt expected of D.K. Douglas Co. – that would look great, feel great and have exceptional construction and materials … and we did. Our ZIP WaterShirt is our third shirt style, in addition to our WaterShirt (pull-over mock turtleneck) and our WrapShirt (our flattering cross-over, wrap-around shirt). With a smooth fit like the pullover WaterShirt, the ZIP WaterShirt , like the WrapShirt, is ideal for those who prefer not to pull a shirt on over their heads.

From Customers:



From the WetWrap Advisor: Water exercise gloves have become standard equipment in water exercise programs around the world. Webbed fingers increase hand area creating greater resistance as you push and pull your hands through the water in a variety of creative movements. Gloves allow you to gradually increase the force you apply as your strength increases.

Swimmers enjoy the natural feel of gloves compared to uncomfortable plastic hand paddles, without compromising proper technique.

The WaterGlove’s™ unique, “palm conforming design” molds to the natural contours of the hand eliminating the “bubble” that forms in the palm of other gloves.

Instructors who have tried many other gloves tell us the WaterGlove™ is the most comfortable and durable of the gloves they have tried.

From Customers:

  • “I really like your WaterGloves. The open fingers are looser and more comfortable and they feel great in the water… I have used all the gloves but now I recommend yours over the others.”
    Nancy Carleton, Prescription Fitness
  • “I am so pleased with the gloves! My winter Aqua group was ready for more resistance… these gloves will last and people like them…”
    April Walker, Aqua Fitness Instructor


From the WetWrap Advisor: Where the WaterGlove focuses on resistance, the WaterMitten is designed to keep hands warm. However, it also provides some resistance.


From the WetWrap Advisor: Our product line is based on the mix-match-layer principle. The WetPants can be combined with any of the upper body products (WetWrap, WetWrap ZIP, WaterShirt or WrapShirt) and can also be layered with the ankle length tights. Or, if desired, can be worn alone. The decision about what degree of water wear is needed should be based solely on the individual’s comfort in the specific circumstance.

Booties and Socks

From the WetWrap Advisor: Booties and socks were designed primarily to add cushioning and comfort when wearing aquatic gear such as fins or water shoes. Neither is suitable as a standalone aquatic shoe. If cold feet are the concern, then the neoprene bootie is your best choice.


From the WetWrap Advisor: The WetCap was designed as an alternative to traditional latex and rubber swim cap styles. Many people enjoy the touch of the Nordic ski cap in this design.


From the WetWrap Advisor: Our necks are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The NeckWrap is a neoprene “scarf” that can be worn in the water. It wraps with Velcro so can fit in whatever way you want. It’s not for everyone but for those neck-sensitive people, it helps to make their water experience positive.


From the WetWrap Advisor: In addition to wraps that concentrate on the elbow, we can also custom make wraps for any other part of the body, such as the thigh, calf, forearm, etc. Just call us to discuss your requirements.

From Customers:

  • In the words of one tennis elbow sufferer: “I like the Elbow Wrap™ because I can wear it virtually all the time. It significantly reduces the soreness so I can keep playing. Without it, there are times I can’t pickup a cup of coffee..”

Wicked Willy’s Freeze Guard

From the WetWrap Advisor: I guess Wicked Willy’s Freeze Guard seems kind of funny and its name is supposed to elicit laughter. But if you’ve ever experienced sweat freezing down there, you know it’s no longer a laughing matter. It is simple, comfortable, unobtrusive and machine washable. Well worth the price.

From Customers:

  • “My adult son’s friend said ‘Thanks, that’s just what I needed running during winter.'”

Tights and Shorts

From the WetWrap Advisor: There are other similar products available. But since our main focus is on warmth and durability in the water, what sets our tights and shorts apart is their unique dense lycra material and double cuff and waist band construction.

From Customers:

  • “Lycra shorts really last well.”
    Jean Skinner

Doggy Wet Wrap

From the WetWrap Advisor: There are loads of canine coats, wraps, capes, etc. available on the market. They are made of wonderful cozy fabrics and decorated to make your dog look like a fashion model. We thought our neoprene material could provide what these products could plus more. The neoprene Doggy Wet Wrap provides the look and warmth of other products while also having the universal flexibility to work equally well in dry weather, rain, snow or water activity.

From Customers: